PROCEDURE to buy a property in spain:




To fill the questionaire defining your needs to help us finding the property which best suits you. We will ask you the reason to buy property in Spain (Holiday home, move to Spain, investment, Residence & Work Permit etc), where (Marbella, Barcelona, Ibiza etc) the requirements of the property (apartment, villa, commercial etc), the budget to target
on the best property for you.




We will send by email info and photos of the properties within our portfolio based on your requirements.
We will take appointments for you to
see the ones you like. You will need to spare time 2 to 7 days in Spain at your own cost where we can arrange airport transfers and accomodation in case you need assistance.




You decide for one of the projects and price negotiation
is done (conditions, time, repairs, furniture), legalised copy
of all pages of your passport and a POA to solicitor or
to your certified real estate agent will be required
open bank account, to get NIE number and
follow the procedure at your absence.




Once you found the property you like, it is required

a deposit of 6.000 – 10.000 € in order to remove
the property from the market. This deposit can be paid into your Solicitor or Certified Real Estate Agent bank account.




NIE (tax number for non residents in Spain) required
to be received from Police and pay a small amount of tax, approximately 10 € before opening a bank account.
Bank documents can be signed and scanned back to the bank and POA holder can proceed. Sometimes documents like tax declaration or certificate of income can be asked
by the bank to justify the future transfers.


due diligence


Contact directly to sellers or to their legal representative
verify the state of the property such as; legal identity
of the seller, registration at Land Registry that the property is free from charges, state of the property at Town Hall that municipal building permit & habitation licence has been granted and Certificate of Energy is checked by a specialist. Residence of the selling part is important if Resident
or Non-resident in Spain in order to apply
for the
correct fiscal conditions.


reservation contract


Preparation and signing private contract to execute the purchase operation. The standard procedure is to sign the contract with the payment of 10% of the purchase price.
The terms and conditions of the purchase to defend the
best interest of the client set out in this contract.


public deed:
copia simple


In a period of 4-6 weeks public deed of purchase will be signed by the client or by its POA holder at the Notary.
At this point the balance of the purchase price and the taxes must be available in your own bank account in Spain.

Appointment at the Notary is made, he communicates 4 days before with Registry Office that you are in a process of buying. The Notary will double check the Property, 100% of the price is paid there and then by Blocked Cheque and the Keys are handed over to take full possession. And just after signing the Notary will confirm it to the Register in order to avoid that any other charge or claim can be put on the Property whilst you are purchasing. COPİA SIMPLE will be issued to both parties upon signature.


public deed: original title


The notary will send physically the Deeds you have signed for the Register within maximum 10 days after signature and within the next 60 days they will have for inscription. The document can be collected by you or by your POA holder.
In the meantime, you have a Copia Simple of the Deeds that can be used to do all the changes or contracts for the utilities and for application of Residence Permit if required.


& taxes


Changing the title of all the contracts with supply companies as well as the relevant taxes concerning the property and arrange direct debiting of those bills i.e. electric, water, gas, telephone, adsl, garbage collection, community fees, home insurance, council tax rates (IBI) etc.




According to regional legislation in force since May 2016, properties that are rented for touristic purposes for periods
of less than 2 months duration at a time must be registered
in the Tourism Office of Regional Government of Andalusia.


will in spain


Granting a last will and testament in Spain over your
Spanish assets is highly recomended to avoid future formalities, complications, delays and aditional costs derived from the process of succession and inheritence over those properties located in Spain.

don't miss
the opportunity
To obtain the
spanish residence:

The Law on the Support of Entrepreneurs and their
Internationalization (the 'Law 14/2013') establishes
measures in relation to the facilitation of the entry
and residence in Spain of non-EU foreigners

who wish to acquire a real estate property in Spain
for a value of at least 500,000 €.